Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tony Onley Artist's Project

Well, I am back from Wells, and must say, I had a pretty good time. My stay was only 4 days long, which meant 2 1/2 days of painting. The rest of the time was taken up with viewing other artists' past work (what an amazing range of talents and interests) and critiquing each other's work done during the workshop. The mentors this year were John Hall and Harold Klunder -- both very supportive and full of ideas and suggestions when things weren't going quite the way I had planned. I would recommend this event for anybody wanting to "get away and paint" without the distractions of computer, telephone, and home life. Be sure to bring lots of mosquito repellant, though! I came away from the workshop with three paintings (well, two and a half, but I finished my third yesterday) and lots of ideas. You can view the completed paintings on

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to school in the fall

Well, word has come in. Simon Fraser University is offering a community-based masters program in Prince George over the next two years and has admitted me into the program. Running on alternate weekends over the next two years, it will allow me to get a Masters of Education degree in Arts Education without having to leave Prince George. I am looking forward to the challenge of the Masters program, and to seeing some of last year's instructors as fellow students!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whistler Art Workshops

Well, I am back from a very busy week in Whistler. On June 28 and 29, I attended a color theory workshop facilitated by Chili Thom, a Whistler artist. He had some wonderful insights for using color to create harmony in your color palette and depth in your paintings. I have yet to actually put everything I learned there into practice, but I look forward to using his theories in my work. I started one piece, using his actualy painting style, but am not sure if I will move forward with it as it is, or paint over top of what I have with a looser style. I do like his paintings, though, and recommend you check out his website:

A quick trip to Vancouver on the Monday took me to see the Dutch Masters at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and then it was back to Whistler for a second workshop on Tuesday. This workshop was a 4-day affair facilitated by award winning watercolor artist Jean Pederson ( . The theme for this workshop was to layer different types of watermedia to achieve exciting results in your paintings. I really enjoyed watching her demonstrate her techniques and was most impressed by her ability to paint watercolors on a vertical painting surface without the colors running every which way! The workshop was fast-paced, with a new technique offered up every hour or so. There was plenty of studio time to put theory into practice, and I came away with the beginnings of several pieces, two of which I have subsequently finished at home this week. Although the techniques I used were learned at this workshop, the style of my pieces is definitely not Jean's! I am looking forward to creating more layered pieces and mixing my watermedia: watercolors, gouache, acrylics, watercolor crayons, acrylic inks, watercolor pencils....

mixed media and collage on paper
14" x 11"

Next week I am off to Wells for 4 days of unstructured playtime with my paints :-) When I get back, I might have time to update my website with all my new artwork!