Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bizarre Bazaar 2012

Well, here I am in Whistler, BC, at the Whistler Arts Council's Bizarre Bazaar! Yesterday was the first day of the Bazaar and I had a great time! Saw many old friends and did lots of visiting. Oh, yes, and I sold a few things as well! I also made a great "trade" with a young boy at the end of the day. He'd been selling soaps at his table at the Bratz Biz and had a few left over. He traded me a lemony looking soap for one of my banner cards. We were both quite excited.

Today is another day of greeting and meeting and, with any kind of luck, another sale or two!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Chugging along

No pictures to post today, as I am working from someone else's computer. Things are chugging along here, but I have slowly come to the realization that I really cannot accomplish all the things I would like to do in the 24 hours I am given to use each day. Nevertheless, I shall persevere -- the Bizarre Bazaar is coming up fast and I have a few more things I would like to get done (but much fewer than I had originally planned). I've emailed a few friends down South to come visit me at my booth when I am in Whistler. Quite a few have promised to come. It will be good to visit with them all once again.

The banners are up on the poles along the roads in Whistler. A relative sent me pictures from her iPhone and it was quite exciting to see them up already. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in person this time and hope to get some good photo ops while I am there.

Tried something new tonight, as part of my daughter's birthday celebration: making a Steampunk pendant. There was a workshop at the local bead gallery and we spent over two hours sorting through vintage jewellery, watch cogs and other bric a brac until we finally had made our masterpieces. We'll go back tomorrow to pick them up and fit them for necklace chains. It is good to try new things once in a while. Gets you out of your mould and frees you up to think differently. Now the question is -- can I do something similar with a doll or two?