Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another course finished

The latest course, Curriculum Theory and Art Education, is over. There was lots of information to absorb in this course, many readings to cover and many stories to listen to. In the end, in a simplified form, the concept that resonated the most with me was that "The truth about stories is that that's all we are" (Thomas King, Massey Lectures, 2003). By combining that concept with the concept of personal world views (frames of reference) and metissage (the weaving of different oral, written and visual media to bring forth new understanding), I created a blanket of some of my life stories that reflect my world views and braided the strips of the blanket with quotes and lessons from the course. Altogether, with images and objects woven into the blanket, Mystory embodies what we learned in the class on a level that is personal to me, but understandable and applicable to many. After all, we wear our stories like blankets, as they provide familiarity and comfort in many cases. Once in a while, we even invite other people to share the warmth and weave their stories with ours, making for a richer, more multidimensional comforter.