Monday, February 2, 2015

Website updated

I managed, despite the busy-ness of my world lately, to update my website. It is now a fluid page layout website and should display nicely on computer screens, tablets and smartphones. It has also been updated with my dolls. Enjoy the browse and drop me a line if something catches your eye:


The gauntlet has been thrown and I will do my best to respond. Opus (the art supply store: has sent out a challenge to all artists to practice daily. What you practice is up to you - the important thing is to practice. Since I'd already decided (once again) that drawing more often is necessary, I decided to resume my daily draw. I started last week, after encouraging my drawing students (both youth and adult) to do a daily draw. They all received sketchbooks as part of their course pack:

They've been faithfully using them and I have a feeling some will need to find a second sketchbook before the classes are over. I've been not quite as productive as they have been, but managed one drawing last week, which I am calling #OpusDailyPractice Tminus6days:

Being busy updating my website over the weekend, and napping lots, I didn't manage to do the Feb. 1 drawing, but made sure to make time today for the second installment of the daily practice. Meet #OpusDailyPractice #2:

Depicting the reflections on the cellophane was challenging.

I'll post more drawings, but probably not on a daily basis.