Saturday, October 6, 2012

Banner Samples

I had a chance to view the banners in person this week. The printing company, ADG Projects, sent up the proofs for viewing. I hung the banners in my backyard on the clothesline while the sun was still out and took a good look at them. On the whole, they turned out as I had hoped, but some changes will be made to the colours of the closest two banners, as they turned out quite pale when printed onto nylon. WYSIWIG on the screen doesn't always translate to printed/dyed product, especially when backlit by the sun!!! Bill was great, though, and agreed with me on my suggested changes, offering suggestions of his own that will help greatly on the impact when the banners are hung on the streets in Whistler. There won't be an opportunity to do a second run of samples, so fingers are crossed that the changes do what we hoped! Can't wait to see the final product in person in November, when I am down for the Bizarre Bazaar!