Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sketchbook development - autumn gourds

In our drawing class, in addition to keeping up with the many assignments we are given, we are also expected to doodle and draw in our sketchbooks on a daily basis. With the demands of all the classes, I've not been able to do a daily drawing, but do grab the opportunity when time permits. Here is this morning's half-hour of "free" time:

Quilted journal cover

Another challenge for the color theory course was to create a cover for the color journal we are keeping for the duration of the semester. It was to be a cover that reflected who we are. I took the idea of the primary color portrait (earlier post) and transformed it into a quilted journal cover:

I think it adequately displays the idea of me and color, don't you?

Analagous color painting

We're going through different color exercises in our color theory class, and the latest painting was to be a historical painting done in monochromatic or analagous colors. I chose the analagous color route (2 or three colors next to each other on the color wheel), using Lawren Harris's painting Autumn, Algoma 1920. My colors were various shades of orange with a bit of red and yellow thrown in. His original is done with violet blue for the background trees and a variety of oranges and reds for the maple up the front. You can view it at this website: http://records.viu.ca/~mcneil/gal070.htm

We'll be producing our historical paintings two more times in the color theory course, so stay tuned for variations on this theme.

Continuous line drawing

Well, it is the end of September, and I have a bit of time to post some more of my September works of art. The first is a continuous line drawing of a carrot from our garden. The challenge: to make an interesting drawing (subject and background) using only one line. In other words, do the drawing without lifting the pencil from the paper. We had to do three of these drawings. This one was my favorite.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Violin Still LIfe -- final edition?

Well, I had a chance to go at it again today, and think I may have reached a stopping spot. Time to put the picture to the side and let it percolate for a bit, so as not to overwork it. I had planned to spend a few hours each day from now till Thursday to finish -- nice surprise to find I am that close to being done!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More still life in Black and white

Ha! I found time to photo the next step, before I add more to it tomorrow:

Still Life in Black and White

In the drawing class, our first major assignment is to complete a large drawing of a still life in graphite. The first challenge was to set up the still life. I kept changing my mind and rearranging things. Once I was satisfied with what was there, I was instructed to color my paper all grey!

After the desired level of grey-ness was reached, I used a kneadable eraser to "lift out" the highlights, and then started in to draw the rest of the picture. It will take a while to finish, from the looks of things, but I am pleased with the progress so far. From beginning to end, we are aiming for a 20 hour picture, but I have a feeling it will take me a tad longer. So as not to leave you in suspense, I will post progress reports.

Here are the first two images:

I am actually a little further along, but am running out of time to take a picture today. Perhaps the next image will be the final product?

Still life in Primary Colors

The color theory course will be running us through various excercises in the use of color. The first one (after the obligatory color wheel), was to do a self portrait, using only 3 colors. The color scheme choices were red/yellow/blue or orange/purple/green. I opted for the first choice, so as to save on the mixing time (the only other color I have in a tube is purple -- we're supposed to mix all of our own colors, even black).

After finishing my portrait, I took a good long look, and was reminded of Andy Warhol's wild use of colors.

School has started!

A new school year has started, and my classes at the College of New Caledonia are going well. Things are challenging, but manageable, so far. I am taking 5 classes this fall:
  • Drawing
  • Art History
  • Color Theory
  • Making a Living as an Artist
  • First Nations Art and Design.

I know people have been curious about what I've been doing, so I will try to post my assignments occassionally, as I have time (that will be the biggest challenge). Stay tuned for new pictures....