Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School's Out for Summer and Whistler Arts Council Fundraiser!

Actually, school's out for good -- for now. I've completed my Master's Degree and managed a GPA higher than my undergrad degree (by 0.01 units, but who's counting?). My husband says I should go for my PhD, but I'll have to save a bit of money before I undertake that particular adventure. Besides, I want some time to do some art!

It was a busy early summer as I prepared for the final push of school and I took a desperately needed week off at the end of July, once the comprehensive exam was over. Now it seems like I am playing "catch up" with all the art projects I've put on hold for the last three years. Being older and wiser than when I went into school in 2008 (and knowing that I cannot possibly do everything that I have on my list -- at least not this year), I decided to make a schedule with a generous amount of room for each project, rather than plan too much and stress out.

The first project was a brand new one, though, as the deadline for submission is coming up soon. The Whistler Arts Council is holding a fundraiser on September 11. It is their 2nd Annual Art Workshops on the Lake fundraiser, which focuses on a raffle of original works of art by emerging and professional artists. I participated last year with a mixed media acrylic painting. This year, I've quilted an 8" x 8" piece and stretched it over the stretcher bars, effectively "painting" with fabric and fiber. Take a look at the picture below and buy yourself a ticket for a chance of winning it or another piece of original art on evening of the event.

Hmmm -- it is a winter theme. I wonder if that has anything to do with the chilly weather we've been having in the last few weeks?