Saturday, July 14, 2012

Artists in the Garden

Today was the 10th Annual Artists in the Garden tour, hosted by Two Rivers Gallery. It was also my first time participating as an artist. I was situated in a lovely garden with plenty of shade on this hot summer's day. Linda was a gracious hostess and has a wonderful garden with many beautiful flowers and other plants to see. I scrambled for a few weeks before the tour and right up through this morning, trying to get some more dolls ready for showing. I did manage to get the bulk of the work finished, but was still working on the dolls during the tour. They made great conversation pieces and I got to talk to many interesting people today. I also brought my "labels" dolls and invited people to have conversations with them. Not sure how many responses I got, but will look tomorrow, when my eyes are not so tired. The weather was fabulous, the mosquitoes relatively polite (to me, at least) and the thundershowers held off until well after the tour was over. All in all a really good day.