Sunday, May 2, 2010

Drawing Retreat

I had a wonderful time this weekend at a drawing retreat: 4 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday. Although it wasn't nearly long enough for my liking, it was long enough to add more tools to my artistic toolbox of techniques! Held at Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, and facilitated by Cat Siversten, the retreat offered the participants a chance to loosen up with their drawings, try new media and ideas and to have fun in the process.

And it was all about the process. We drew, and drew, and drew, with barely a pause between drawings. We drew with clay. We drew with ink. We drew with wax. We used our fingers, a feather quill, a chinese brush, our entire hands. We moved with the music, did collaborative pieces and learned to "let go" and just let the drawings happen.

Although these are not all of the drawings, they are the ones I enjoy showing the most (and the ones that were dry enough to bring home to photograph). The others were more about the process of making them, rather than the end product.

Clay and ink gesture drawings:

This was a collaborative piece with one of the other workshop participants: