Sunday, August 2, 2015

A series of doodles

Sometime last winter, I started doodling... with thread. Once my first doodle was finished in black thread on white fabric, I started to wonder about variations and possibilities. I used the same design, but doodled again in black thread on white cloth, in variegated colored thread on black cloth and in white thread on black cloth. The mini-quilts were bound and set aside for a few months.

The first mini-quilt was auctioned off at a silent auction and I have a sneaking suspicion I never took a picture of it. The remaining 4 quilts, though, came out of the closet recently and I decided how to finish them off.

Two remained as simple thread doodles:

The other two continued my process of experimentation, as I played with my new Inktense pencils and paint:

On the whole, I think the experiments were successful, and it feels good to have finished this project, no matter how small the quilts are. I learned a few things in the process, too, which is always a bonus.