Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter Cyclist

The first snow touched down a few weeks ago and, although it didn't last long, I was inspired to celebrate the occasion with a new doll. The doll's been finished for the last week, but I've been too busy to show it off here. The brief snowfall this morning prompted me to sit down at the computer tonight and upload the pictures and the statement to go with the doll:

Winter Cyclist

A curious phenomenon occurs in the north every year during the cold spell. That two-wheeled creature, the urban cyclist, dons new, weather-worthy apparel and ventures onto the city streets in the cold, the ice and the snow. Even at thirty below zero, the winter cyclist is out and about, always with ear warmers and usually with studded tires. Hardy, yet blue-faced, it will battle bravely in the snow and sleet, dodging other vehicular traffic that may or may not be sympathetic to the fact that the bike lanes have been buried by the snow plows. Its diurnal wanderings may be somewhat curtailed from its normal summer pattern, as it opts for fewer hills and wider streets, but only on the coldest and bleakest of days will it consider an alternate form of transportation (or when transporting stringed instruments – they really don’t like the cold).

PS. For all you PG people out there, keep a lookout for the 6'4" real-life model on the road this winter. The puffy blue coat really does come out when it gets cold! His scarf is more of a brown plaid, though...

PPS. And for all those interested, be sure to attend the exhibition North: An exhibition for the 2015 Winter Games at Two Rivers Gallery between February 12 and April 26, 2015. Winter Cyclist will be there.