Monday, January 9, 2017

Back in the studio again

After a very busy fall I have returned to my studio again.  I have started work on a couple of quilts to fit recessed nooks in the living room.  "Started" is a very loose term, as all I've done so far is enlarge the pattern from sketchbook size to actual quilt size.  Projectors are wonderful for that job!!!

Here's the sketchbook version:

In other news, the spiral quilt saw a bit more action with stitched drawings over top.  I'm not completely happy with the results, but will work on it some more to see what I can manage to bring it closer to what I was imagining:

Because of the variation in values, none of the threads I was using to sketch with managed to bring out the figures.  This will require a bit more thought, as I do not envision myself picking out thousands and thousands of stitches!