Tony Onley Artist's Project

Well, I am back from Wells, and must say, I had a pretty good time. My stay was only 4 days long, which meant 2 1/2 days of painting. The rest of the time was taken up with viewing other artists' past work (what an amazing range of talents and interests) and critiquing each other's work done during the workshop. The mentors this year were John Hall and Harold Klunder -- both very supportive and full of ideas and suggestions when things weren't going quite the way I had planned. I would recommend this event for anybody wanting to "get away and paint" without the distractions of computer, telephone, and home life. Be sure to bring lots of mosquito repellant, though! I came away from the workshop with three paintings (well, two and a half, but I finished my third yesterday) and lots of ideas. You can view the completed paintings on