What's your daily highlight?

I stumbled upon an app not so long ago, called pocket.com/explore, and, although I do not subscribe to it, it now shows up on my internet feed whenever I open a new tab. I often find the articles interesting and pertinent, and take the time to read them when I can. The latest one talked about our busy lives, which segues well from my last post. About halfway through the article, it talks about setting a highlight for your day; something you would like to do or achieve. The highlight does not have to be something major, but it should be something that you look forward to and that you will enjoy doing, or feel satisfied after having done it. If you want to read the entire article, click here.

While looking for resources to share with my digital art students, I recently watched a video by Marco Bucci called "Using colour in your paintings". Since a head cold left me without the energy to tackle my original wished-for highlight for today (finally deciding how to proceed with my book doll), I decided instead use his method for creating a value scale digitally from a variety of colours.

It was fun to play with the colours digitally, as a black and white filter was always available for me to test the values of the colours I chose. I usually find it a bit tricky to judge those values by eye, and the filter really helped. Next time I mix "real" paints, I might just be whipping out that nifty little smart phone to snap a picture and use a black and white filter to see if the values I mix are the ones I'm aiming for.

I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow's highlight will be. What's yours?