Setbacks are part of the process

I started the weekend with high hopes - this was going to be the weekend to finish the prop for my book doll and hopefully move on to the next project. As it often happens, though, there was a bit of a hiccup.

To avoid copyright issues, I decided to create my own text for the pages displayed in the altered book. To do so, I used a gel-transfer process, first brushing the laser-printed pages (not inkjet) with an acrylic medium (20 thin layers, in this case) and then rubbing the paper off the back of the gel by moistening it and using my fingers, leaving only the text and gel behind:

 All went well and the first page "glued" into the book with no problems.  The facing page, however, left a little bit to be desired, with its wavy lines of text (the gel stretched when applied and I didn't notice until after it dried).

I debated leaving things as they were, but knew I wouldn't be happy with those results in the long run.  So off came that gel transfer, leaving me with a bit of a mess:


It's nothing that a bit of filler, paint and sandpaper cannot take care of though, and I am working hard to see if I can accomplish the layering and transfer by the end of the day. That might be a bit of a long shot, but one can always try, right?

On the bright side, I have had a chance to find and work on the bits and pieces to go into each of those nooks. Stay tuned for the finished artwork!