Not enough hours in the day

That is an ironic title, considering that today is the beginning of daylight savings time, meaning we "lost" an hour of our day.  Even with that extra hour, though, I think I would have been hard pressed to do all the things I wanted to do. 

I started my weekend with good intentions of working on the "book doll", as I call it for now. Lots of things were accomplished in the time between Friday night and Sunday night, but very little doll work, other than thinking about what to do next. Cookies were baked, violin was practiced, photo experiments conducted (new extension tubes, whee!), Art Heals project tried out, books read, bird cuddled, shopping and house cleaning and more, oh, my!  Are those all avoidance issues, procrastination techniques, or simply a way of giving myself time to work through possibilities in my head?

Tonight, I sat down at my virtual drawing board and doodled over photographs, considering my options. I'm not sure if this is the direction to go in, so will sleep on it some more. If it still sounds good tomorrow, I might just take action on it after work.  We'll see.