Hanging out at home on Family Day

What to do on Family Day weekend when the family is scattered to the four winds?  Hang out at home and work on projects, of course! 

Today's task was to continue carving niches in a book for that little doll with the crazy purple hair.  The dremel drill did a great job for smoothing down the edges of the pages, once the niches were cut (a time-consuming project with an exacto knife), but it splayed them as well, which has me a bit worried. 

My husband (and the guy with the technical know-how I need to refer to when building props) assures me that gluing the edges and then clamping the pages will take care of the problem. The glue has been applied, as have the clamps, and my fingers are crossed.

Another project worked on this weekend (and finished) was the stand for Iris, the gardening doll. Many thanks to you-know-who for doing the drilling and attaching of the legs... and putting up with my requests to adjust the positioning of said legs until they were "just right".

Iris moved upstairs, as a result of the finished stand, and is now sitting in the living room, where the doll-as-yet-without-a-prop decided to visit...

... hang out ...

... and dream: