An Art-full weekend

Sunny, bright and cold... that's what this weekend was.  And full of art activities -- so many, in fact, that I felt like I didn't get around to do all the things I wanted to. Looking back on the last 48 hours, though, I cannot honestly say what else I could have managed. 

The fun started on Friday night, when I played in my first violin recital since I was about 8 years old (and I'm not saying how long ago that was, but "decades ago" fits well into that description). I flubbed a few bars here and there, but did not too badly for only starting to learn the pieces 4 weeks ago.

On Saturday, I enjoyed an all-day drawing workshop with Gary Pearson, an artist currently exhibiting at Two Rivers Gallery. He was a wonderful instructor and put us through our paces, drawing with ink only and then cutting up and collaging our drawings to make new compositions that could become inspiration for more complete works at a later date.  I foresee a few teapot quilts in my future:

 I think I fell in love with drawing all over again and need to see how to incorporate more of it into my days...

Today's first art activity started early in the morning, by throwing a bunch of clothes into the washing machine on the rinse cycle, with no spin. This was followed by making good use of the clothesline and the super-cold temperatures to freeze those clothes into stiff boards that could stand up on their own:

 I had fun placing them in various poses around the yard and may have just managed to obtain a few calendar-worthy photos for the yearly calendars I produce for family members.

While warming up with a cup of tea after my outdoor excursions, I started adding hair to the doll, but will have to finish that on another day, as we dashed out the door after dinner to go and watch the Watoto Children's Choir perform.

I rounded off the evening, and the weekend, by prepping some art supplies for the 28 preschoolers coming through the Gallery tomorrow. Time to start thinking about Valentine's Day!