Whoosh went the week!

Well, that was a very busy week, or so it seemed.  Between making music (I think I can say I've got five fiddle tunes solidly under control), doing the occasional drawing and keeping on top of the day-to-day activities, the week just flew by.

I did find time during the week to cut out the doll pieces I sewed last weekend, and made some time today to sew some of those together, as required. The head, for instance, is sewn in two stages, as is the body.

As I was sewing the head pieces together, and defining the toes with stitches, I was reminded once again how fiddly those things are to do when the doll is small, like this one will be.  I just hope I can turn everything right-side-out without pulling the seams apart. The tiny seam allowances which allow the pieces to be turned without bulk and without clipping are very susceptible to breaking open under tension. I made good use of some Fray Stop and will hope for the best.