One step closer

Doll work is progressing, albeit slowly. I keep thinking I'll have time during the week, but am so busy with other activities, it just never seems to happen.  I did manage to turn and stuff limbs one evening, and found that the head I had sewed just didn't turn out right. It looked like some crazy alien from a movie by the same name. 

Today I went back to the drawing board (literally) and made a different head. The pieces are really so tiny it is sometimes a challenge to sew with the machine. The machine stitches always seem a bit stronger than the hand stitches, and do go a bit faster, which is why I stick with it.

I also painted and varathaned the wooden beads and buttons I picked up yesterday, so they match the fabric:

And then I was distracted by a sunbeam, a bathing bird, and making some online bookings for an upcoming trip.  More progress next week!