Tea bags and Christmas cards

I like to make homemade Christmas cards each year. It is a hold-over from when I was growing up and watched my mother do the same thing. Call it a family tradition, if you will. It is fun to see my three grownup children take up the challenge and make theirs, as well.

Usually, I am able to make my cards at a leisurely pace in the fall, usually with the thought of being done by mid-November. This fall was busy, though, and by the time I was able to turn my thoughts to Christmas cards, the first of Advent had already passed and it was getting very late for overseas mail to arrive on time for Christmas. What to do, what to do?

I'd been saving tea bags for a while, having read about creating tea bag art. Did you know, that by having 3 bags of tea per day, a person can collect over 1000 bags per year?  Well, I certainly did not collect that many, but I did collect enough to make some art and some cards. The tea was consumed in a leisurely fashion; the bags emptied, rinsed and dried. Once that was done, though, the assembly line process began:



 More painting:

 Some help from a white gel pen:

 Some stamps:

And final assembly:

 Despite my feeling of being late, the majority of the cards made it to their destinations on time.

I've decided to beat that last-minute feeling for the 2019 Christmas cards and do them in the next week, before heading back to work.  Only 15 more cups of tea to go, maybe with a good book or two to go with them.