'twas a nice try

Every few years I take stab at the Whistler Banner design competition. The municipality puts out a call for artists for winter banners and summer banners and it is always fun to come up with a theme and then design the images to go with it. I've had a few successes and a few rejections. This year's design was one of the latter.

I had a busy two weeks (not including thinking time) putting my designs together. We were also getting ready for a week away while I was on the computer, bending Adobe Illustrator to my will, so I was feeling a bit split -- concentrate on a design or get excited about our upcoming trip?

In the end, I finished on time, we went away for a most enjoyable week at Gavin Lake Fiddle camp (he with his banjo and me with my mandolin), and the designs were submitted upon our return.

Within a week, the verdict came out (no long nail-biting period, thank goodness) and another artist had been chosen. Oh, well. Like I said earlier, "win some, lose some". In the meantime, I have some nice designs that I can promote to other ski resorts, or save for when the call for banner designs comes around again. Here's a snippet of one of the banners: