Finished the race!

Time is whizzing by and summer is more than half over. And what a busy summer it has been!  Between little trips, yard make-overs, work and a call for submission (more on that later), I've had little time to sit down at the computer.

Last month, on almost the last day of the month, I finished the jelly-roll quilt. It is a little wobbly around the edges, but will keep me warm when I curl up on the couch this winter to read books.  I had fun machine quilting it, as it meant I could dust off my half-size quilting machine again and play with it. The lumpy batting (or my lack of practice) made it a bit of a challenge to keep the lines going straight, but in the end, not too many people will be looking closely at the quilt pattern. I think I may save that batting for doll stuffing and look for a less lumpy variety for any further quilts.