Time to start anew

Habits come and go - some easily, some not so easily. I have a habit of signing up for school, as I love the learning and the challenge of doing assignments. Sadly, that habit often takes away from other habits, such as making quilts, dolls and other artworks.

I've just about completed another round of school, this time for a Provincial Instructor Diploma at Vancouver Community College.  With a break now between the first seven courses and the final capstone project, it is time to re-examine what else I enjoy doing, and renew old habits with the intent of making them stronger and longer lasting.

Last week, I picked up a set of jelly roll strips from a quilt store in Penticton and decided to play with them at the soonest available opportunity.

Having never made a quilt from jelly roll strips, I looked up online for  away to tackle the project with the least amount of fuss and bother.  Look up "jelly roll race quilt" online to find out what I set myself up for.

Tonight I sewed the 40 strips end-to-end, as instructed:

I then trimmed threads and seams, ironed everything, joined the two free ends and wound up the big long strip (1600" long, I'm told) to keep everything neat and tidy until I have a chance to do some more sewing. Hopefully it won't be too long a wait.