Racing slowly

Well, another evening and an afternoon have seen some progress being made on the jelly-roll race quilt. I can honestly say I would not win any races, but then again, this is not a competition ;-)

One evening last week, I spent an hour and a half doing the next steps in creating the quilt top, according to the jelly-roll race instructions (fold, sew, cut... repeat). The result was more square than rectangular, probably due to the fact that I joined the strips on the diagonal, rather than using straight seams, thus slightly decreasing the overall length of the long strip. 

The fabric piece (for a new piece, it was) then sat on my sewing machine while the rest of the week passed and I mulled over my options in my head.

Today, once the garden was weeded and the bedding plants tucked into their beds, I came inside and rolled out the stripped piece once again. Then I grabbed ruler and scissors and started to cut.  Four hours later, this is what I accomplished:

Hmm. The cellphone camera is obviously not the greatest, but you get the idea.  Once those diamonds are sewn on, I can sandwich and quilt the piece.  That may be next week's relaxation exercise.