A mandolin case

Finished another project -- whee!  When my collarbone had issues last year and I had to give up fiddle playing (for an undetermined length of time), I went out and bought a mandolin, as it puts less strain on the muscles attached to the affected bone.  The case that came with it was a soft-shell case, so not the best for intensive transportation in the car, where it could get knocked and bumped by other items.

Having just finished making a case for his banjo, my husband offered to make a case for my mandolin.  The initial photos of the wood construction are in my previous post. Since then, I've been covering the wood with fabric and varathane, and lining the inside with soft fleece to hold the instrument. 

Here is the story, in pictures:

Lining the inside with foam and fleece

 Clamping and weighing down the fabric, so the glue can dry

The finished case... interior

Room for a tuner and some picks
It fits!!!

 The finished case... exterior

 Now I just need to get better at the mandolin playing!