One project finished and another one started

Things were a bit busy toward the end of July, but I managed to finish the quilt the night before we left on the three-week road trip, skirting around the BC fires as we traveled north and south, east and west in the province to visit offspring, siblings and in-laws, do some camping and relax.  The quilt helped keep the sun off the food and other items in the back of the car.  We never did use it as a picnic blanket, but that could yet happen!

Now I'm working on finishing a mandolin case that my husband made for me. He did the woodworking part and I get the pleasure of putting on all the finishing touches, like padding on the  inside (still a work in progress)...

... and covering the outside.  Although the photo below does not show it, I have made some progress on the outside -- just haven't had the time to take and process photos yet. 

Stay tuned!