Back in the swing of things

Well, that was a really, really long break between posts. Last post last May??? Can I use the excuse of a busy life? Two graduations, one prom, sewing a prom dress and then a heritage costume for a summer job, holidays, work, children moving hither and yon and then Christmas. Maybe it is more of an explanation than an excuse, but it is all I have to offer at the moment.

That being said, I feel like I am back in the swing of things. After all the hectic activities of the latter half of the year, I was determined to get back on track with making and creating. I started over Christmas by sitting down at the quilting machine for a good long period of time and finished a quilt started by my husband's grandmother over 30 years ago. She had pieced it and tucked it away. We inherited it about 10 years ago and tucked it away. I have now sandwiched, quilted and bound it and it keeps us warm on these cold winter nights (-26C in the last week).

Following that, I decided to continue into the new year with the resolution to finish other unfinished projects. I've now finished two Christmas wall hangings that didn't see the light of day until 15 years after the purchase of the fabric. They are waiting for next Christmas, when they can hang on the wall (which wall, I'm not too sure of at the moment).

There are still some projects in my closet that I need to work through, but I took a break last month to work on something new. Another resolution I had made at the beginning of the year was to answer a few (3?) calls for submission this year, if I had the opportunity. I felt pretty pleased with myself to have actually finished the first project in time to answer the call for submissions at Two Rivers Gallery for the upcoming Earthly exhibition, which will open in April 2014. Now I just need to find another couple of calls to answer! In the meantime, here is the first finished project of the year that is a "new" project: GeSchichten (translation: stories and layers).

PS. I received notification yesterday that I have been accepted into the exhibition :-)