Artist's statement

Also a part of the "Making a Living as an Artist" course is the requirement to create an artist's statement. This statement can (and will) change over time, or with the particular gallery submission. Here is my current statement:

I take a multifaceted approach to my art by exploring the world around me in a variety of media, including watercolor, graphite, fiber arts and acrylic. Since my creative processes are energized when I feel a personal connection with by subject, my artwork usually portrays people I know or places I have been.

As I find the interplay of light and color to be especially exciting, I incorporate both of these conditions in my paintings. Watercolor is presently my favorite medium, as the transparency of the paint allows for some extremely luminous effects on the paper. I may strive for realism in my artwork, or move to a somewhat more abstract or illustrative style, depending on the subject chosen and the mood. I hope, through my works, to portray how I feel about the scene in front of me; to show it as I saw it, touched it, smelled it, while simultaneously giving the viewers a chance to relive their own similar experiences.

This was a challenging task, as most artists write their statements about a single body of work, or a single piece of art. Since I am currently "all over the place" with what I do (in my eyes), I had to come up with a statement that encompassed all my styles all at once. As I look over the artwork posted here and on my website ( I wonder if the statement really encompasses what I do. Ah, well, it can change at a later date...

PS. I'll be updating my website soon -- we need to post artwork online for class, and I promised to update the website to fulfill the requirements for that part of the course. I need a free afternoon to do that, though :-)